The 10 Best Golf Holes In Scottish Golf

The 10 Best Golf Holes In Scottish Golf

If the lush greens and historic fairways of Scotland are beckoning, then you might have a hard time choosing the holes for you. Whether you’re mapping out your next golf adventure or simply daydreaming about the perfect tee shot, our guide to the 10 best golf holes in Scotland is your insider’s pass.

We have teed up a journey through Scotland’s most celebrated holes that promise to challenge and charm golfers of all levels. Here’s a quick breakdown of the best holes in Scotland:

8th at Royal Troon (iconic Postage Stamp)

Step onto the tee at Royal Troon’s Old Course 8th hole and you’ll be facing the famous Postage Stamp, the shortest par-3 on The Open Championship roster. This hole is deceptively challenging, demanding accuracy over power, with a narrow green that’s humbled many. It’s also surrounded by deep bunkers, so winds have a big say here.

12th at Kingsbarns

Ready yourself for the challenge at Kingsbarns’ 12th hole. It’s a masterpiece of golfing design that also happens to be one of the most photographed of the courses’ holes. This par-5, with its undulating fairway and strategic bunkering, is made even more challenging by the North Sea breeze. Precision is key to navigating the natural contours that lead to a generous green.

It’s rightfully known as one of the most picturesque golf courses, offering a combination of beauty and test.

17th at the Old Course

At the heart of St Andrews’ links lies the Road Hole, the 17th, which is easily one of the best golf holes in Scotland. This infamous par-4 stretches over 495 yards, making it both challenging and legendary to par. With a blind tee shot over old railway sheds and a narrow green guarded by the perilous road bunker, it’s a true test of skill and nerve. Mastery here will make you the envy of your golf buddies.

3rd at Castle Stuart

The 3rd hole at Castle Stuart, a short par-4, epitomises the artistry of golf architecture. Measuring a modest 305 yards, par is within reach, but the genius of its design lies in the risk-reward gamble. With the Moray Firth as its backdrop, this hole’s fairway bunkers and undulating green make it one of the most engaging holes in Scotland, offering a thrilling challenge to golfers who dare to take it on.

9th at Turnberry

The 9th at Turnberry, now a captivating par-3, offers a dramatic test of golf alongside the iconic lighthouse. With the vastness of the sea stretching out, the hole requires a precise shot across the coastal winds to a green that sits tantalisingly close to the waves.

It’s a breathtaking experience, symbolic of Turnberry’s challenge, and stands out as a striking testament to the natural beauty and golfing heritage that this legendary course embodies.

15th at North Berwick

North Berwick’s 15th, the renowned Redan hole, is a par-3 that’s as challenging as it is historic. With a green that slopes sharply from right to left, accuracy is key. Your tee shot needs to soar over deep bunkers, holding its line against the coastal breeze. This hole’s design is so admired that it’s been replicated worldwide – a true testament to its standing as a classic test in the game of golf.

1st at Machrihanish Golf Club – Championship Course

The 1st hole at Machrihanish Golf Club presents a thrilling start to a round that just screams major championship golf. The opening drive is a heart-racing challenge, with golfers needing to make a bold shot over the beach, with the Atlantic Ocean as their audience.

The hole also requires you to choose your line wisely; the aggressive route rewards with a short iron to the green, while the safety play flirts with fairway bunkers. It’s a hole that sets the tone for a memorable golfing adventure.

14th at Royal Dornoch

The 14th at Royal Dornoch, affectionately known as ‘Foxy’, is a par-4 that’s described as ‘among the world’s finest’. With no bunkers, its challenge lies in the natural contours and the raised green that demands a precise approach.

Plus, the fairway’s subtle mounds and the deceptive tee angle add to its intrigue. It’s a hole that embodies the pure, firm turf and timeless design.

10th at Turnberry

The 10th at Turnberry is very popular among Scottish golfers. Now a majestic par-5, it arcs gracefully around the bay, offering a challenge as vast as the sea around it. This hole requires very strategic play, where the golfer must navigate the coastal winds and the undulating fairway to set up a clear shot to the green.

13th at Nairn

The 13th at Nairn, known as ‘Crown’, is a formidable par-4. At 431 yards, it’s a test of true grit, with a significant uphill battle to a green that repels anything less than a perfect approach. This hole is a stern guardian of par, where the sea breeze and strategic bunkering add to its complexity. In short, it’s a hole that demands lots of respect.


What is the most difficult hole in Scotland?

The 18th at Carnoustie Golf Links is widely regarded as one of the hardest holes in Scotland.

Are par 3s harder than par 4?

Par 3s aren’t necessarily harder than par 4s, they just require more precision and control over one shot.

Round Up

As we conclude our exploration of these iconic holes, remember that this is just a glimpse into the rich heritage of Scottish golf. It’s now time to plan your golf tours to discover these treasures, where every fairway and green tells a story of history, challenge, and the sheer joy of the game.