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Scotland has a rich, turbulent and triumphant history.
Our country is famed for the legends created over the centuries and we boast fairytale like castles that have stood the test of time.
At Luxury Tours Scotland our expert tour designers have a wealth of Scottish historical knowledge and we balance our historic itineraries with luxury accommodation and fine dining. Once you have enquired our team will collect all the relevant information and create a bespoke itinerary that meets your requests. From historic city landmarks to rural coastal castles, our team will create the perfect luxury castle tour.

At one time Scotland had over 3000 castles and many date back to the 13th century.  Scotland has a rich past from blood curdling massacres at Glencoe to the famous battle at Culloden. Our castle tours can be supplemented by visiting other significant landmarks and historic venues.

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What Historic Sites & Castles Should You Visit?

Scotland has a range of breath taking historic sites and castles that range from city fortresses to archaic coastal ruins and many have featured in film and TV production, including popular series like Outlander.


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Scenic Ruined Castles

If you are interested in exploring Scotland’s oldest castles and venturing far back into the past of this ancient country, then visiting ruined castles would be of interest. These crumbling ruins are steeped in history and date back to a time where clans were at war with each other.

Some of the finest ruins in Scotland include:

Dunnottar Castle  –  Urquhart Castle  –  Dunure Castle


Medieval Castles

The building of castles were rife in the medieval period and many of Scotland’s most famous castles were built in this iconic period. Many of these medieval have grand features such as towering stone walls, defensive ditches and fortified gatehouses. Medieval castles usually have an interesting past which often includes, treachery, beheadings and bloody battles.

Blackness Castle   – Doune Castle   – Eilean Donan

Iconic Castles In Scotland

Scotland has a host of famous castles that have featured in real life battles and in works of fiction. Many parts of the hit TV series Outlander were filmed at Scottish castle locations including Doune Castle and Drummond castle. Quite often avid outlander fans ask us for specific Outlander itineraries and we include castle filming locations. Edinburgh Castle is perhaps Scotland’s most famous castle and towers over the capital city. From the One O’clock gun show to housing the “Honours of Scotland” it is easy to see why Edinburgh Castle is a one off fortresses.
One of Scotland’s most scenic castles has to be Dunrobin Castle, nestles in the highlands of Scotland and is a thing of beauty.

Stirling Castle  –  Edinburgh Castle  –  Dunrobin Castle
Glamis Castle  –  Cawdor Castle  –  Balmoral Castle  –  Inverary Castle


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