The Best 19th Holes In Scottish Golf

You’re about to catch a glimpse into the heart of Scottish golf, where the game’s spirit extends beyond the final green. In Scotland, the 19th hole is far from just a tradition, it’s where stories are shared, friendships forged, and the true flavour of the sport comes to life.

So, whether you’re a local or a golf enthusiast passing through The Land of the Brave, join us as we unveil the best 19th holes in Scotland to cap off your round with a cheer and a refreshing pint.

The Best 19th Holes In Scottish Golf

The Jigger Inn, St Andrews

This is a true gem in the revered Old Course at St Andrews, located near the popular green at the Road Hole. The Jigger Inn is the quintessential 19th hole for any golfer. This historic pub, with its walls lined with golfing memorabilia, gives off airs of charm that complement the fairways it overlooks.

A favourite haunt for golfers and spectators alike, the Jigger Inn offers a hearty Scottish welcome, warming fare and a selection of fine ales. It’s more than just a golf club’s watering hole, it’s a part of the course’s living history.

The Ducks Bar, East Lothian

In the heart of East Lothian, Ducks Bar is a cosy retreat for golfers who’ve traversed the world-class courses nearby. With a reputation as one of the finest bars in the golfing world, it’s a place where stories of the day’s play echo against a backdrop of warm, rustic charm.

The bar, located within Ducks Inn, offers a selection of local ales and quality spirits, making it a perfect 19th hole for those seeking a genuine Scottish golf club atmosphere after a day on the links.

The Dormy Clubhouse (Gleneagles)

Overlooking the iconic Gleneagles courses, The Dormy Clubhouse is a symbol of Scottish golf club elegance. Just ask the regulars and they’ll tell you all about its vibrant atmosphere. It’s where golfing tales are toasted over a dram of the finest whisky.

The Clubhouse is adorned with golfing heritage and offers a menu crafted from Scotland’s larder, served in a setting that perfectly balances tradition with contemporary comfort. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve scored below par or not, The Dormy is an escape where every golfer can relish the day’s achievements and unwind in style.

The Old Club House, Gullane

The Old Clubhouse in Gullane perfectly sums up the timeless traditions of Scottish golf. Just a stone’s throw from the esteemed Gullane Golf Club, this welcoming establishment is a favourite for both local and visiting golfers.

With its open fire warming the soul and a menu that satisfies the appetite, the atmosphere is a blend of rustic charm and friendliness. It’s a place where the spirit of the game lingers long after the last putt is sunk, making it an essential part of the Gullane Golf Club’s experience.

North Berwick Golf Club Lounge, East Lothian

Perched on the edge of the Firth of Forth, the North Berwick Golf Club offers a panoramic view that is as breathtaking as the course itself. The lounge here is a key part of the historic North Berwick Golf Club, where the sea meets the green. The result? A serene backdrop for post-round contemplation or celebration.

Inside, the decor pays homage to the sport’s far-reaching past, while the hospitality is like a warm Scottish welcome. Whether you’re recapping a challenging round or simply soaking in the coastal beauty, this East Lothian lounge serves as a perfect complement to the storied links.

It’s the type of place where the social side of the game flourishes, and the spirit of golf is as tangible as the coastal breeze that whispers through its windows.

18 At The Rusacks St Andrews

At 18 At The Rusacks St Andrews, the essence of golf’s rich heritage is captured in every detail. It overlooks the iconic Old Course and offers golfers a luxurious finale to a day spent on the hallowed turf.

As you gaze out towards the ninth hole, the restaurant’s atmosphere carefully blends touches of history with modern sophistication. The menu, which is inspired by Scotland’s bountiful produce, perfectly complements the stunning views of the West Sands and the Swilcan Bridge.

It’s a culinary journey that matches the prestige of its surroundings. Ultimately, if none of the golf clubs mentioned tickle your fancy, then there are always other options like Royal Dornoch and the Trump Turnberry Lighthouse. But for those who find themselves drawn to the home of golf, 18 At The Rusacks is a dining experience that’s as memorable as a birdie on the 18th.


What does TPC stand for?

TPC stands for Tournament Players Club, a network of public and private golf courses that host PGA TOUR events. These championship-level courses elevate the game for golfers and fans alike.

What is traditionally known as the 19th hole on a golf course?

The 19th hole is the clubhouse bar or restaurant where golfers gather after the final hole to relax, share stories, and enjoy refreshments.

Where can Scotland’s most famous golf course be found?

Scotland’s most famous golf course, the Old Course at St Andrews, awaits golfers eager to tee off on these hallowed courses, steeped in deep history and tradition.

Final Words

As we’ve journeyed through the best 19th holes, it’s clear that Scotland has some of the most inviting post-round retreats in the world. Taking full advantage of these spots is an integral part of the experience, where every shot and fairway walked leads up to camaraderie.

Indeed, golf tours are a great way to understand why Scotland is the home of golf, with its 19th holes as essential as the game itself.