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From dining in culinary excellence to family-friendly hotels to traveling through Scotland in comfort with your own bespoke chauffeur, everything is tailored to you and your family’s needs.

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What to include in your Private Family Tour of Scotland?

Mystical castles, spectacular glens, dazzling midnight Highland skies and an endless array of luxurious hotels nestled in Scottish serenity. Where do you even begin to plan your private family tour of Scotland?

Good question.

Below, are listed some of the most popular destinations and hotels that grab the spotlight.


Atholl Palace

Atholl Palace, a historical castle that overlooks beautifully picturesque wooded parkland grounds can be regarded as the quintessence of Scottish Baronial splendor. The palace accentuates a Harry Potter aura that adds a magical tinge for families who have brought children with them. Make sure to reserve a night or two for an unforgettable getaway for you and your family.


Kingsmill Hotel

Nestled deep in the Scottish Highlands is the luxurious Kingsmill Hotel, which offers a fantastic family atmosphere that will make you feel as if you are right back at home. The hotel provides impeccable dining options, sumptuous comfort, and an outstanding whisky bar for parents to wind down after an adventurous day out with the kids.

Cameron House

Enjoy an exquisite stay in the luxurious Cameron House, which sits by the legendary banks of Loch Lomond. Every facet of this luxurious hotel embodies premium hospitality with staff always going the extra mile to create a wonderful family experience, ranging from family activities to children’s menus, and ensuring that everyone feels like they are at home.


Gleneagles Hotel

An iconic country estate nestled beneath the breathtaking Ochill Hills is the iconic Gleneagles Hotel. The Gleneagles is steeped in history and has been a luxury destination for nearly a century. Families, friends, and guests of all types have traveled from afar to enjoy the warm hospitality of this legendary hotel – an absolute must for any private family tour of Scotland.

The Fife Arms

The Fife Arms is a 19th-century landmark that will offer you and your family a truly unique experience through the warmth of its comfort and the depth of its character. Filled with extraordinary art and splendid Scottish decor, this luxury 5-star boutique hotel was adored by Queen Victoria who visited here frequently.




Cairngorm Reindeer Herd

The Cairngorm Reindeer Herd is an excellent opportunity for the little ones to see some wildlife in Scottish tranquility. Get up close to the reindeer and enjoy an adventurous day out in the heart of Scottish woodland.

Hairy Coo Safari

Visit the iconic Hairy Heilan Cows where you and your family will be guided by a friendly and experienced park ranger in the Highlands. This is a perfect family day out where kids can interact with some of the wildlife and parents can enjoy the fresh air from the beautiful Scottish countryside.


Dinosaur Footprints Skye

Pay a visit to the dinosaur footprints on a Skye beach to get an insight into what dinosaurs were roaming the Scottish lands 170 million years ago. This is a popular family outing where kids can run free on the beach and let their imaginations go wild with the scary dinosaur footprints.

Byres Farm

Visit a unique farming facility where families can get to the heart of Scottish agriculture and discover the ins and outs of what happens on in a farm. Children of all ages are welcome and there are numerous packaged activities for you to choose from to make it a truly bespoke family tour that caters to your needs.


4×4 Adventures Scotland

Experience an enthralling adventure in a private or corporate 4×4 through Loch Lomond’s stunning landscape. Here you will enjoy a fantastic family experience where you and your loved ones will go off track, roam through the local wilderness and witness the breathtaking views of Loch Lomond from the glorious hilltops.

Go Ape

Go on a fast-paced zip-wire adventure with your family in the picturesque Trossachs National Park for an unforgettable day out. Go Ape Aberfoyle boasts two of the longest zips in the UK, which both offer superspectacular views of the mountain backdrops and moorland – an activity that cannot be overlooked in any private family tour of Scotland.


Visit the Loch Ness Monster (Private Boat Tour)

Hop on a private boat tour, spend the day with your family and search for the infamous Loch Less monster in a remarkable landscape that’s worthy of being on any holiday postcard. The magic of Scottish folklore mixed with dazzling scenery, Scottish tranquility and the mystique of Urquhart Castle that overlooks the bay makes this an excellent activity to add to your private family tour of Scotland.


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