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Scotch whisky or “The Water Of Life” is one of Scotland’s most famous commodities. At Luxury Scotland Tours we are passionate about crafting luxurious whisky itineraries which showcase our country’s best whisky distilleries. Scotland has over 120 whisky distilleries and 6 whisky regions. You may want to visit the peaty grounds of Islay or try the nutty sweet malts from Speyside. Our team will make sure they understand your whisky desires and create an appropriate bespoke whisky itinerary to suit your tastes. Our luxurious whisky tours include the finest accommodation, a private knowledgeable chauffeur guide and dining recommendations. In addition to visiting whisky distilleries you might want to dilute your itinerary with other activities, perhaps golf or historic venues, our tour designers are experts at creating itineraries that blend a range of activities.

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Best Luxury Whisky Tour Locations

Scotland is a whisky lovers heaven. All 6 of Scotland’s whisky regions are well worth a visit and each bring something a little different to your Scottish whisky experience.

Campbeltown  –  Islay  –  Speyside  –  Highlands  –  Lowlands  –  Island


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Campbeltown is Scotland’s smallest whisky region and only has three distilleries: Springbank, Glen Scotia and Glengyle. Although small this whisky region is packed with character. Campbeltown’s coastal location helps to shape the flavour of the whisky, subtle hints of sea salt can be detected by those with a more discerning palate. Campbeltown is located at the Kintyre Peninsula and is surrounded by rugged coastal terrain carved from mother nature. This idyllic location is a must visit for the avid whisky lover looking to learn more about the purest form of “Scotch” whisky.



Islay is one of the most revered whisky regions and a favourite amongst our clients. It is perhaps the isolated and rugged location or maybe the deep whisky history associated with this small island but many feel an alluring aura when touring the island. Islay has 8 distilleries but it is the southern distilleries that the island is most famed for, Ardbeg, Laphroaig, and Lagavulin. The island’s distilleries make use of islands peaty earth at every stage of their production and produce medium bodied whiskies made up of peat smoke, iodine and brine.


The Highlands region has 47 distilleries and is the biggest whisky region in the country. Due to the sheer size of the region, a diverse range of whiskies are produced. Most commonly associated with sweet floral scents. There is not one flagship distillery in the Highlands but rather a strong portfolio including Glenmorangie, Glenturret and Balblair.



Speyside is revered amongst whisky connoisseurs around the world. The region is one of the warmest and driest areas in the country, which it perfect for growing barley. Great barley growing conditions combined with crystal clear water that trickles down from the nearby mountains produces extremely high quality whisky. Speyside whiskies are characterised by their lightness and sweetness. The rich pastures and glistening Speyside water is responsible for this fruity taste. With 50 distilleries including many hidden gems such as Benromach and Glenfarclas, many famous distilleries such as Glenfiddich and Macallan, Speyside is a must visit location for the avid whisky lover.


Islands whisky, produced on the islands around Scotland’s mainland.
These whiskies offer a very different and often distinct taste.
With almost 800 islands around our coastlines, the styles of course vary from north to south. On these inhibited islands, you will find two whisky distilleries on Orkney, Highland Park and Scapa. Abhainn Dearg is located on the Isle of Lewis & Harris.
The Isle of Skye is home the Talisker. You will find Tobermory Whisky on The Isle of Mull. Jura whisky and Arran whisky located on their named islands.



Lowland distilleries are characterised for producing sweet light single malts. Set in the lush and fertile countryside, lowland single malts lack the punchy peaty taste that other Scottish regions produce. This makes the region perfect for those that are being introduced to single malts. Interestingly the lowlands has been given the nickname “lowland ladies” due to the lighter nature of their malts. The lowland region includes much of the central belt and the Scottish borders.

Often our clients want to visit a few or all of these regions. However due to the diversity of regions like Speyside and the Highlands, sometimes clients like to focus on one region and really explore all the “nooks and crannies”. Our team of whisky tour designers will help you explore all your options and ultimately craft an itinerary that meets all your demands.


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