The Best Halfway House In Scottish Golf

Prepare to discover the crown jewels of Scottish golf, the best halfway houses where culture, comfort, and the love of the game meet. Whether you’re on the lookout for the perfect sausage sandwich with a view, or the finest amenities to enhance your round, we’ve teed up an insider’s guide to the most exceptional stops.

From the iconic Turnberry Lighthouse to the cosy Bothy at Nairn, here are the best halfway houses Scottish golf has to offer :

The Best Halfway House In Scottish Golf

The Turnberry Lighthouse Halfway House

Perched on the edge of the Turnberry golf course, the Turnberry Lighthouse Halfway House offers more than a mere pause from play. It’s a historical beacon that’s been transformed into a luxurious retreat. Once there, golfers can indulge in refreshments while enjoying panoramic views of the Ayrshire coast.

This iconic spot marries tradition with comfort, providing a truly unique Scottish golfing experience that’s as memorable as the game itself. It’s also worth mentioning that Turnberry Lighthouse won the World’s Best Halfway House award in 2022.

Whether you go there for the golf or the grandeur, the Lighthouse Halfway House is a must-visit landmark.

The Bothy at Nairn Golf Club

Situated between the 9th green and 10th tee, The Bothy at Nairn Golf Club is a quaint stopover that’s full of history. Once a salmon storehouse, it now offers golfers a moment of respite with snacks and stunning views.

This halfway house can be best described as “charming” and, with its recent facelift, it provides a warm Scottish welcome. Players are invited to savour a brief interlude in their game while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the Moray Firth and the historical ambience of a bygone era.

The Carrick Course Halfway House (or Boat)

The Carrick Course at Loch Lomond has a halfway house like no other. It’s a repurposed riverboat named The Highland Laddie. Moored between the 9th green and 10th tee, this unique spot offers golfers some much-needed relaxation.

The boat, with its rich history, now serves as a quirky stop to grab a bite and bask in the stunning views of the loch. It’s a novel twist on tradition that other halfway houses simply can’t emulate, adding an extra splash of character to an already memorable round of golf.

Skibo Castle Halfway House

The Skibo Castle Halfway House is a sanctuary for golfers, tucked in the Carnegie Links. This exclusive retreat offers immense tranquillity with its well-stocked provisions, making it hard for golfers to resist taking a break. It’s encapsulated by the historic grandeur of the Highlands and is a symbol of the estate’s proclivity for luxury and tradition.

Here, golfers can enjoy a break filled with Scottish charm, ensuring their experience is as unforgettable as the storied grounds they play on.

The Gleneagles Halfway House for the Kings/Queens Course

This house experience is as prestigious as the courses it serves. Strategically positioned at the crossroads of the King’s and Queen’s courses, it offers a seamless service with a pre-order system via a phone on the 10th tee. Here, golfers can relish a Scottish bridie or a dram of whisky, ready as they approach.


Is it expensive to play golf in Scotland?

Not necessarily. While Scotland is famed for its prestigious courses, many offer affordable golfing experiences. The majority of 18-hole courses have green fees under £45, including delightful halfway houses.

How much does it cost to play golf at St Andrews?

Costs to play at St Andrews vary by course. Just know that the prestigious Old Course requires a ballot entry and fees upwards of £190.

Which Scottish golf course is known as the home of golf?

The Old Course at St Andrews is revered by many as the home of golf. This historic golf course has been played for over 600 years.

Final Thoughts

With Scottish golf, halfway houses are not just pit stops, they’re a key part of the game – not to mention golf lore. It could be a hearty sausage sandwich or a moment’s pause, but you’ll find that all the halfway houses out there offer a unique slice of Scotland’s golfing paradise. If you can’t decide on a spot, then try a luxury golf tour.