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The Highland Whisky Experience Tour

Arrival & Departure Location: Inverness Airport

Scotland is without doubt the whisky capital of the world. With the first official record of production in Scotland dating all the way back to 1494, we have a rich and proud history of making whisky.

With an incredible 148 operational distilleries, Scotland distributes a mind-boggling 1.6 billion bottles worldwide each year.

Just like wine, the region where whisky is produced has a big impact on how it looks, smells, and, crucially, tastes. There are 6 distinct whisky regions in Scotland, each with their own qualities.

On this tour, you will delve deep into the heart of the Highlands, exploring both the Highland and Speyside Whisky regions which stretches far and wide across the north of the country. You will learn how whisky is produced, tour world-renowned distilleries, and savour the finest drams the Highlands has to offer.

Additionally, your experience will be enhanced with captivating excursions that unveil the rich history and culture of Scotland.

Points of Interest

– Tour of Glenfiddich Distillery, ‘Classic’ tour at Benromach Distillery, Clava Cairns

– ‘Flavour Journey’ tour at Cardhu Distillery, ‘Toasting’ tour at Speyside Cooperage, The Maltroom

– ‘Classic’ tour at Glenfarclas Distillery, tour of Balvenie Distillery

– ‘The Singleton’ tour at Glen Ord Distillery, ‘Classic’ tour at Glenmorangie Distillery, Dornoch

– Dunrobin Castle and Gardens, Clynelish Distillery, Brora Beach


– Ness Walk Hotel, Inverness
(4 nights)

– Links House, Dornoch (2 nights)

What’s Included:

– Accommodation
– Breakfast
– Bespoke itinerary
– Premium vehicle & Private chauffeur
– Admission to all activities
– Local guides where appropriate
– Personal travel co-ordinator

Tour Details

Day 1

Welcome to The Highlands

Transport: Executive Vehicle & Private Driver
Accommodation: Ness Walk Hotel, Inverness (4 Nights)
Dinner: The Torrish at Ness Walk Hotel

As you land at Inverness Airport, your personal chauffeur will be ready and waiting to help you with your bags into your luxury vehicle before making the drive into Inverness and your accommodation for the next four nights: Ness Walk Hotel.

At Ness Walk Hotel, you will experience refined luxury and an oasis of tranquillity in the middle of a bustling city. Situated along the picturesque River Ness, the hotel seamlessly blends Georgian architecture with contemporary style and provides captivating views of the river or pristine gardens from each lavishly decorated room.

This evening, you will dine at The Torrish Restaurant within Ness Walk Hotel, where soft lighting and lush furnishing create a sophisticated yet relaxed ambiance. The restaurant is proud to celebrate Scottish ingredients, offering enticing options such as loch Eriboll shellfish consommé to start and black isle rolled three bird roast for main. A full vegan menu is also available with delights such as 8hr cooked truffle-studded white cabbage with potato croquettes.

After dinner, we recommend getting a good sleep before setting off on your first full day of touring in the morning.

Day 2

Tour of Glenfiddich Distillery, ‘Classic’ tour at Benromach Distillery, Clava Cairns

Dinner: Urquhart’s in Inverness

After a hearty Scottish breakfast, your highlands whisky tour kicks off with a trip to Glenfiddich Distillery. This is the ideal place to start your tour as this distillery was founded in 1886, so they know a thing or two about making whisky at Glenfiddich.

William Grant of Dufftown founded the distillery and to this day it remains one of only a handful of distilleries to remain fully family owned.

On this guided tour you will be given an in-depth lesson on the process of making whisky, featuring an informative animated visualisation, providing the perfect foundation for your highland whisky tour. You will also be given a guided tour of the distillery, before enjoying a tasting of four whiskies which showcase the finest from the Glenfiddich range.

Your chauffeur will then drive you north-west to Benromach Distillery where you will experience their Classic tour.

With Scotch whisky enjoying such huge demand from a global market, many distilleries have supersized and automated their whisky making processes. However, this is not so at Benromach where they have stayed true to their whisky making roots. The emphasis here is on making whisky by hand using traditional methods. From controlling the flow of water and grist into the mash tun by hand, to measuring the amount of yeast by sight, the distillers at Benromach use their vast experience and skill to craft whisky of supreme quality. It truly is a delight to witness the distillers at work here, where whisky-making is an art form.

Wrapping up today’s tour, you will visit the Clava Cairns. With origins tracing back to the Bronze Age, this ancient cemetery showcases incredibly well-preserved standing stones and burial cairns, as well as a medieval chapel.

This evening you will head into Inverness for dinner at Urquhart’s where they place great emphasis on cooking using traditional, home-made recipes. For a true taste of Scotland, look no further than the chicken on a bed of haggis smothered in whisky cream sauce.

Day 3

‘Flavour Journey’ tour at Cardhu Distillery, ‘Toasting’ tour at Speyside Cooperage, Visit The Maltroom

Transport: Executive Vehicle & Private Driver
The Castle Tavern in Inverness

First up today is a visit to Cardhu Distillery near Archiestown in Moray. This Speyside specialist was founded in 1824 by husband and wife duo John and Helen Cumming. The distillery here had a humble beginning as a seasonal, farm-based operation, with Helen selling whisky to travellers out of the farmhouse window.

Cardhu also shares an interesting link with yesterday’s Glenfiddich Distillery. When the original Cardhu Distillery was moved to a new site in 1885, the family sold the stills from the old distillery to William Grant, who used them to start his Glenfiddich enterprise. Today, as well as producing its own range of splendid single malts, Cardhu serves a key role as part of Johnnie Walker’s blended whisky.

On the Flavour Journey tour of Cardhu, you will get to learn all about the fascinating history of the distillery, as well as sample three delicious drams and a signature cocktail.

Up next is a trip to Speyside Cooperage where you will enjoy the Toasting Tour. The whisky maturation process within oak cask barrels is absolutely critical in imparting colour and flavour to the spirit. At Speyside Cooperage, this ancient craft has been practiced since 1947 and this tour is the perfect way to learn how these vital barrels are made.

The tour begins in a mini cinema room with a video to set the scene. Your guide will then take you to a viewing platform where you can witness the coopers hard at work, before being given a detailed explanation of the various tools the coopers are using. Finally, you will get to enjoy a dram of 10 year old Speyside Malt Whisky in the Toasting Room.

Tonight, indulge in a delightful dining experience at The Castle Tavern in Inverness, a bubbling cauldron of atmosphere which attracts a diverse crowd of both locals and tourists. The menu features locally sourced ingredients and presents classic Scottish dishes with inventive twists, including the haggis pakora. The Castle Tavern is rooted in authenticity and quality, and the historic setting and vibrant atmosphere combine to create an unforgettable night in Inverness.

You will round the night off in The Malt Room, the first whisky bar in Inverness. Delicate lighting and plush furnishings provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy a nightcap, or two…

Day 4

‘Classic’ tour at Glenfarclas Distillery, Tour of Balvenie Distillery

Transport: Executive Vehicle & Private Driver
Dinner: The Mustard Seed in Inverness

Day four begins with a trip to Glenfarclas Distillery where you will be treated to the Classic tour of this world-renowned whisky maker. Glenfarclas was a trailblazer in terms of whisky tours, opening a visitor centre back in 1973, so they know how to put on a good tour.

Glenfarclas has a proud history dating back to 1865 and since then five generations of the Grant family have owned and managed the distillery. On the Classic tour you will not only hear about the unique way in which they make whisky here, but also learn more about the history of this family run distillery. To round the tour off, you will head to the Ship’s Room for a few drams. If you have any whisky loving friends or family back home, make sure to pop into the beautiful gift shop.

From there you will head to The Balvenie Distillery, producers of some of the most exquisite whisky in all of Scotland. On this tour you will of course hear about Balvenie’s unique approach to making whisky, explore the distillery and famous warehouse 24, and sample some delicious drams; however, you will also get a rare opportunity to meet with the whisky makers themselves, to hear first-hand what is involved in getting everything just right in order to make such esteemed whisky.

Tonight, you’ll be heading to The Mustard Seed in Inverness for dinner—a well-loved establishment known for its exceptional cuisine in a laid-back setting. Situated in a converted church, the restaurant boasts unique features like a double-height ceiling and a spacious open fire, contributing to the overall charm that makes The Mustard Seed truly distinctive. The menu offers a delightful selection, including venison salami carpaccio with pears and a gorgonzola mousse, creamy saffron, broccoli and garden pea risotto, and breast of chicken stuffed with Stornoway black pudding wrapped in prosciutto ham.

Day 5

‘The Singleton’ tour at Glen Ord Distillery, ‘Classic’ tour at Glenmorangie Distillery, Dornoch

Transport: Executive Vehicle & Private Driver
Accommodation: Links House Hotel, Dornoch (2 Nights)

Dinner: MARA at Links House Hotel

Day five begins with a trip to Glen Ord Distillery which sits on The Black Isle peninsula and boasts one of the most scenic locations of any distillery.
The Singleton Tour at Glen Ord Distillery invites you on an immersive exploration of Scotch whisky craftsmanship amid the stunning Scottish Highlands. Delve into the rich history and meticulous artistry shaping Glen Ord’s renowned Single Malt Scotch whiskies. From the welcoming aroma of malted barley upon arrival to the informative introduction, the tour reveals the distillery’s commitment to its “slow craft” process of making whisky.

Led by expert guides, the journey traces whisky production stages, from barley malting to fermentation and distillation, emphasising the significance of each step in creating Glen Ord’s exceptional flavour profiles. The tour culminates with tastings of select Glen Ord expressions, guided by knowledgeable staff, providing a nuanced appreciation for the artistry within each bottle. You will also be treated to delicious macarons which complement the flavour of the whisky.

Your whisky tasting adventure does not stop there as up next is a visit to Glenmorangie Distillery where you will enjoy the Classic tour. Glenmorangie has consistently been one of the top selling single malts in Scotland, and on this exciting tour you will find out why.

The site at Glenmorangie was originally a farm with a small brewery. However, in 1843 William Matheson bought the farm and converted the brewery into a distillery. Over the years, many additions have been made, slowly but surely increasing the production output such that today there are over 10 million bottles of golden Glenmorangie produced every year.

The Classic tour will tell you so much more about this esteemed distillery’s colourful history and allow you to see, and taste, for yourself why this single malt is adored the world over.

From there you will head to your accommodation for the next two evenings, Links House Hotel in Dornoch, where historic architecture and refined interiors define this boutique gem. Uniquely designed rooms offer a relaxing and stylish place to unwind after a busy day. Ideally situated near the Royal Dornoch Golf Club and picturesque Dornoch Beach, the hotel seamlessly blends sophistication and tranquillity for a truly luxurious experience.

Tonight’s dinner will be served at MARA, the hotel’s suave restaurant named after the Scottish Gaelic for ‘the sea.’ Here, ethical, local ingredients take centre stage, courtesy of Head Chef Kevin Barber. The menu, which changes with the seasons, promises a thoroughly satisfying evening.

Day 6

Dunrobin Castle and Gardens, Clynelish Distillery, Brora Beach

Transport: Executive Vehicle & Private Driver
Dinner: The Anteroom at Links House Hotel

This morning, prepare to step into the splendour of Scottish history and architecture as you embark on a journey to Dunrobin Castle. Nestled along the breathtaking coastline of the Northern Highlands, this castle, reminiscent of a fairytale, traces its roots back to the 13th century. Embodying the design of a French château, it graces the landscape with turrets, towers, and enchanting gardens.

You will get a tantalising taste of aristocratic life as you wander through magnificent rooms adorned with period furniture, art, and intriguing artifacts. The meticulously maintained gardens, drawing inspiration from the Palace of Versailles, provide a tranquil retreat adorned with fountains, sculptures, and captivating sea views. Elevating the experience, falconry displays within the castle’s grounds add an exhilarating touch, culminating in a visit that seamlessly weaves together folklore, beauty, and a dash of magic.

You will then head back to the whisky trail for one last tour, this time at Clynelish Distillery near Brora. As one of the “Four Corner” distilleries of Johnnie Walker, Clynelish produces its own highly sought after single malts and is a key component of globally popular Johnnie Walker blended whiskies.

They love a good story at Clynelish, and this whisky tour expertly merges the traditional whisky tour with classic Scottish storytelling to produce a riveting experience that will give you a deep appreciation for the methods of making whisky at Clynelish. At the end of the tour, you will not only get to savour a couple of drams, but also be treated to a highball whisky drink and a sweet surprise, all while enjoying glorious views of the dramatic Sutherland coastline.

After an exciting week of touring, your final stop today provides a chance for peaceful reflection upon the many magical memories you have made in Scotland. Your chauffeur will drive you to Brora Beach, a serene coastal haven on Scotland’s northeast coast.

The sandy shores stretch along the North Sea, inviting leisurely strolls against a backdrop of rolling dunes and crisp sea breezes. Here, nature dances in harmony, with seabirds swirling through the air and the soothing rhythm of waves providing an enchanting soundscape. Majestic views of the Scottish Highlands frame the horizon, offering a taste of true tranquillity.

Dinner this evening will be served in The Anteroom at Links House Hotel. Here, highly experienced chefs delight in preparing locally sourced, premium Scottish produce for you to enjoy. The Anteroom itself provides a divinely luxurious, intimate space to enjoy dinner, rounding off your tour in style.

Day 7


After a terrific tour of Scotland’s highland whisky distilleries, it’s finally time to say goodbye to this beautiful land.

Your chauffeur will assist you with your bags in the morning before making the one hour drive to Inverness Airport where they will bid you farewell.

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