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St Andrews Golf Tour

Arrival & Departure Location: Edinburgh Airport

Golf Courses

– St Andrews Old Course (Ballot) – New Course (Backup) 

– Carnoustie (Championship Course)

– Kingsbarns

– Dumbarnie

– Elie


– Hotel Du Vin, St Andrews (6 Nights)

What’s Included:

– Accommodation

– Breakfast

– Green Fees & Admissions to all sites according to itinerary

– Bespoke itinerary

– Premium vehicle & Private chauffeur

– Admission to all activities

– Local guides where appropriate

– Personal travel co-ordinator

Tour Details

Day 1

Arrival into Edinburgh, Transfer to St Andrews
Explore Market Street

Transport: Executive Vehicle & Private Driver
Accommodation: Hotel Du Vin, St Andrews (6 Nights)
Dinner: Bistro Du Vin

Arrival into Edinburgh, Transfer to St Andrews

Welcome to Scotland! When you arrive, your appointed chauffeur driver will be ready and excited to meet you at the airport. From start to finish, your driver will ensure a smooth and comfortable journey on your exclusive golf tour.

He will help you carry your luggage and transfer you to St Andrews, ​​promising a warm and welcoming start to your Scottish adventure.

Accommodation: Hotel Du Vin, St Andrews (6 Nights)

You will arrive at the prestigious Hotel Du Vin where you will spend the next six nights, promising an unforgettable experience. The hotel is near the ancient St Andrews Castle and the grand Cathedral of St Andrew and is also within close proximity of the legendary Old Course.

This famous establishment boasts picturesque beach views, a welcoming bar, and diverse dining options featuring local produce. Its 41 uniquely charming rooms and suites offer serene stays with plush beds, fine linens, and private bathrooms.

Guest feedback underscores the hotel’s allure, with many commending its high standards, friendly ambiance, and attentive staff. The Old Tom suite is particularly celebrated for its expansive views and opulent features. Here you will have the opportunity to explore the hotel’s lavish interiors and unpack your belongings before your first activity of the day.

Explore Market Street

After settling in and unpacking, you will take a leisurely walk down Market Street.

Strolling down Market Street in St Andrews offers a charming blend of history and modernity. As a main artery of this historic Scottish town, the street buzzes with a mix of locals, tourists, and university students, reflecting the town’s vibrant community.

Lined with a variety of shops, from quaint independent boutiques to well-known brands, Market Street is a shopper’s delight, offering everything from Scottish souvenirs to artisanal products.

Enhancing the street’s allure is its close proximity to significant cultural landmarks, such as St Andrews Castle and the Cathedral ruins. This historical backdrop is further enlivened by seasonal decorations and events that infuse vibrancy throughout the year.

Dinner: Bistro Du Vin

Dining at Bistro Du Vin in St Andrews is often characterised as a fusion of opulence and comfort. Situated as a central feature of the Hotel Du Vin, the bistro presents a classic French dining ambiance.

The menu at Bistro Du Vin garners acclaim for its superb offerings, serving a variety of tastes. The service is consistently noted for its excellence, with team members such as Tom, Phoebe, Daryl, and Nelly receiving praise for their friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive approach. Here you will dine in luxury and enjoy the restaurant’s scenic views in great company as you begin your legendary golf tour.

Day 2

St Andrews Old Course (Ballot)
Back up: New Course

Transport: Executive Vehicle & Private Driver
Dinner: Road Hole Restaurant

Visit the Old Course

Once you’ve had a hearty Scottish breakfast, you will be escorted to the legendary Old Course where you will walk along the 18th hole. As you walk, you’re treading the same ground that countless golf legends have navigated, feeling a sense of awe and respect for the sport. The atmosphere is often charged with the energy of past tournaments, making you feel part of something much larger than the game.

Reaching the Swilcan Bridge is a highlight. This small, stone bridge, unassuming in size but monumental in significance, has been crossed by the greatest players in golf history. Taking a photo here is like capturing a moment in golf’s timeless narrative. You might pause to reflect on the champions who’ve crossed this bridge, their triumphs and challenges.

The bridge itself offers a quaint, picturesque setting, typically against the backdrop of the expansive fairway and the historic Royal and Ancient Golf Club. The view is quintessentially Scottish, with the links land, undulating greens, and often a brisk sea breeze.

Golf – Old Course (Ballot)

While we cannot provide a guaranteed tee time reservation for the Old Course, we can certainly enter your name into the ballot. This ballot operates as a lottery, with the draw taking place two days prior in the afternoon. If you’re fortunate enough to be selected in the draw, you’ll secure a precious tee time at the legendary Old Course.

However, if you are not chosen for a tee time through the ballot, you’ll still have the opportunity to enjoy a round of golf at the St Andrews Links New Course.

Round of golf at the Old Course

A round at the Old Course in St Andrews is a golfing pilgrimage filled with history and challenges. Set against the iconic Royal & Ancient clubhouse, each hole is steeped in legend and tradition. Unpredictable Scottish weather adds to the difficulty, while the infamous “Road Hole” at the 17th demands precision. Amidst breathtaking scenery and camaraderie, it’s an unforgettable connection to golf’s roots and a timeless experience for any golfer.

Back Up: New Course

The New Course in St Andrews offers a classic Scottish golfing experience. Designed by Old Tom Morris, it combines tradition and challenge. The course features undulating fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and fast greens, making it a true test of skill. Golfers can enjoy stunning views of the North Sea and the town of St Andrews. With a more forgiving layout compared to the Old Course, the New Course provides an enjoyable round for players of varying skill levels while still capturing the essence of Scottish golf.

Dinner – Road Hole Restaurant

After a stellar round of golf, it will be time to have dinner at the famous Road Hole Restaurant.

Located within the Old Course Hotel, offers an exquisite dining experience renowned for its elegant ambiance and top-notch service. Paying homage to the 17th hole of the Old Course, this restaurant holds a prominent position within the hotel. Its distinction lies in its unwavering dedication to utilizing the very best local ingredients, ensuring a remarkable culinary journey.

As you indulge in your meal, be prepared to be captivated by the awe-inspiring views of the Fife coastline. The Road Hole Restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence is recognised with its prestigious 3 AA Rosettes rating, a testament to its exceptional quality and overall dining experience. This will be the perfect way to end an eventful day on the course.

Day 3

Carnoustie (Championship Course)

Transport: Executive Vehicle & Private Driver
Dinner: Jigger Inn

Golf – Carnoustie (Championship)

Following a sumptuous breakfast, your personal chauffeur will whisk you away to the storied greens of the Carnoustie Golf Course. Here, at the Championship Course, you’re not just playing a round of golf; you’re immersing yourself in a blend of historical grandeur and rigorous challenge. Esteemed for its pivotal role in golf’s annals, the course has proudly hosted eight Open Championships, two Women’s Opens, and two Seniors Opens, underscoring its prestige and excellence.

Renowned as “Golf’s Greatest Test,” the Championship Course is a testament to the true spirit of golf. Its demanding nature will challenge even the most adept golfers, demanding strategic thinking, precision, and resilience. With its array of hazards and the quintessential tough conditions of a links course, every stroke is a test, turning each round into a gratifying and formidable endeavor.

The course’s intricate design and exacting conditions have garnered accolades from the golfing elite. Padraig Harrington’s observation that every golfer finds the Championship Course both a challenge and a joy is a sentiment widely shared by those who have faced its trials, solidifying its reputation as one of the globe’s premier golfing challenges.

Beyond the test of skill, the Championship Course at Carnoustie is a journey through the hallowed halls of golf history. It has been an integral stage for major golfing tournaments, witnessing countless legendary moments. Here you will walk in the footsteps of golfing greats, experiencing the same challenges and triumphs that have shaped the sport’s most iconic narratives.

Dinner – Jigger Inn

After a series of pars and even more birdies on the golf course, it’ll be time to savor a memorable dining experience at the renowned Jigger Inn. Nestled within the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews, this culinary journey seamlessly blends historical charm with gastronomic delight. The roots of this iconic establishment trace back to the 1850s when it served as the stationmaster’s lodge. Today, it stands as a warmly inviting pub steeped in golfing history and brimming with memorabilia.

As you settle in for your meal at the Jigger Inn, you’ll find yourself enveloped by an atmosphere imbued with warmth and tradition, enhanced by the comforting crackle of open-hearth fires. The ambiance exudes an unmistakable Scottish character, providing an idyllic setting for a leisurely and pleasurable dining experience.

The cuisine at the Jigger Inn is a testament to home-cooked authenticity, ensuring a robust and gratifying culinary journey. The menu is likely to showcase an array of dishes tailored to cater to a diverse range of tastes, each meticulously prepared with an unwavering commitment to quality and flavor.

A standout feature of dining at the Jigger Inn is the impressive selection of Scottish beers, including the exclusive Jigger Ale, a brew reserved solely for the Jigger Inn in St Andrews and The Horse & Plow at The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin, USA. This distinctive offering adds an extra layer of uniqueness to the beverage options.

Day 4


Transport: Executive Vehicle & Private Driver
Dinner: The Seafood Ristorante

Golf – Kingsbarns

Today you will have a round of golf at the famous Kingsbarns golf course. Situated a mere 7 miles from the historic town of St Andrews, Kingsbarns is a jewel in Scotland’s golfing crown, boasting a course that meanders the North Sea coastline.

Each hole on this course has been expertly designed to offer golfers a dynamic landscape that continuously challenges and captivates in equal measure.

The course itself is a testament to golfing excellence, consistently ranked among the Worldwide Top 100. Its fairways and greens are meticulously maintained, offering a perfect blend of playability and challenge that appeals to both seasoned golfers and enthusiastic amateurs. The natural undulations of the land, combined with strategic bunker placements and the ever-present sea breeze, make for a round of golf that is as unpredictable as it is enjoyable.

Beyond the golf, Kingsbarns is renowned for its exceptional level of service. The staff are known for their friendly, attentive, and comfortable approach, ensuring that every visitor feels welcomed and valued. This commitment to excellence extends to all aspects of the Kingsbarns experience, from the well-stocked pro shop to the inviting clubhouse, where you can relax and reflect on their round over a meal or a drink.

Dinner – The Seafood Ristorante

After conquering Kingsbarns it will be time to fill your appetite at The Seafood Ristorante. The establishment has gained a well-deserved reputation for crafting exquisite dishes perfectly complemented by its idyllic setting. With a commitment to using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, their menu elevates the flavour and quality of every creation.

Among their standout dishes, critics have lavished praise on the fritto misto, an impressive tower of mullet, bream, and squid, celebrated for its exceptional quality and delightful taste. Equally impressive is their chocolate fondant with oranges and Grand Marnier, described as a heavenly river of exquisite chocolate, showcasing the restaurant’s mastery of both seafood and desserts.

Beyond its culinary prowess, The Seafood Restaurant serves as an exceptional venue for special occasions. Whether you’re planning a wedding, hosting a business meeting, organizing faculty events, or enjoying social gatherings, the restaurant offers customized menus to cater to diverse dining experiences.

With its award-winning kitchen and attentive service, the restaurant promises a relaxing and sumptuous experience where you can wind down and reflect on an eventful day on the golf course.

Day 5


Transport: Executive Vehicle & Private Driver
Dinner: Forgans

Golf – Dumbarnie

You will rise to a luxurious breakfast at the Du Vin Hotel and will be escorted to the famous Dumbarnie golf course. From the moment you set foot on the course, the breathtaking coastal vistas captivate you, making Dumbarnie stand out with its vast beachfront and stunning water views that rival the world’s most picturesque courses.

The course itself is a masterpiece, striking a perfect balance between variety and playability. Every hole is a distinct challenge, intricately carved through natural dunes, offering both aesthetic delight and strategic complexity. Designed for all levels of golfers, the course features wide fairways and expansive, rolling greens that test your skills in a way that’s stimulating but not excessively demanding, ensuring a satisfying game for everyone, regardless of their handicap.

The ever-present wind adds a layer of unpredictability, constantly challenging you to adjust your strategy and shot choices. This dynamic element keeps the game exciting and tests your adaptability to the shifting conditions.

Dumbarnie Links is also notable for its impeccable maintenance, with pristine fairways and greens that retain their excellence year-round. This meticulous upkeep promises a top-notch golfing experience where the only distraction is the stunning natural beauty that surrounds you.

The course’s vast layout and tranquil setting offer an escape, allowing you to fully engage with the game and the beautiful landscape. Each hole brings a new challenge, making your journey from the first tee to the last green continuously captivating.

Dinner – Forgans

Dinner will be at Forgan’s and it promises a truly delightful experience, combining exceptional food with a warm, inviting atmosphere. Guests consistently praise the wide array of dishes, ranging from heartening beef bourguignon, haggis, and salmon pie to classic burgers, fish and chips, and indulgent puddings.

The Sunday roast is especially renowned for its excellent taste, perfect for a cozy meal. The ambiance is further elevated by the friendly and attentive service, with staff like Faith providing a bubbly and welcoming presence.

Whether it’s a haddock with homemade chips, sausage and mash, or a Caesar salad, each meal is complemented by quality drinks, including non-alcoholic options. Forgan’s commitment to quality food and service makes it a highly recommended destination for a satisfying and pleasant dining experience. Here you will wind down and savour every moment, surrounded by an ambiance that blends Scottish charm with contemporary comfort.

Day 6


Transport: Executive Vehicle & Private Driver
Dinner: 18 Restaurant, Rusacks

Golf – Elie

Your final round of golf will be at one of the finest links courses in Fife, Elie. As you step onto this historic course, which dates back to the 15th century, you’re immediately enveloped in a sense of timelessness and tradition. This connection to centuries of golfing heritage is palpable, adding depth and meaning to each swing.

The course is set against the stunning backdrop of the East Neuk of Fife, offering panoramic views that captivate and inspire. The scenic beauty of the surroundings not only enhances the visual pleasure of the game but also brings a sense of calm and inspiration, making each round more than just a game.

True to its links nature, the Elie course features close-cut running fairways that are firm and fast, demanding a strategic approach to the game. The undulating terrain and the way the ball rolls and bounces on these fairways require thoughtful play and careful consideration of ground conditions.

The greens, known for being firm, fast, and true, offer a consistent roll but also pose a challenge with their speed. Precision in putting is crucial here, adding an extra layer of challenge to the game.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Elie course is its year-round playability. Whether you’re visiting in the lushness of summer or the stark beauty of winter, the course presents unique challenges and vistas in each season.

This versatility makes it a favorite among golfers of all levels. The course is designed to be enjoyable and fair for everyone, from seasoned golfers to beginners, ensuring that every player has a memorable experience.

Dinner – 18 Restaurant, Rusacks

After your final round of golf, you will be escorted to 18 Restaurant – a rooftop dining destination that specialises in serving the finest Scottish beef, seafood, and game, sourced locally and seasonally, showcasing the richness of Scotland’s natural bounty.

The highlight of dining at 18 is the chance to savor your meal on the outdoor terrace, with sweeping views of the iconic Old Course and West Sands Beach, infusing your dining experience with both beauty and tranquility.

With a focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, the menu offers a delectable fusion of exquisite dining that showcases the best of Scottish cuisine.

For starters, you can expect a variety of appetisers that might include fresh seafood dishes like succulent Scottish scallops or creamy Cullen Skink soup, a traditional Scottish soup made with smoked haddock.

The menu often features rich and hearty options like perfectly cooked Scottish beef steaks, tender game meats, and mouthwatering seafood entrees, such as salmon or lobster. These dishes are thoughtfully prepared to highlight the freshness and quality of the ingredients, often accompanied by flavorful sauces and creative culinary techniques. Here you will enjoy your last evening of the tour as you look back on the unforgettable golfing experience of St Andrews.

Day 7

Departure (Edinburgh Airport)

Your dedicated chauffeur will guarantee a smooth and comfortable journey to the airport, where we will bid you farewell. The entire team at Luxury Scotland Tours extends our heartfelt wishes for a safe journey home and hopes to have the pleasure of welcoming you back soon!

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